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Whirlpool Baths – Relaxation is calling

Step into a whirlpool bath and you cannot help but to relax both your mind and body. So much more to enjoy than a simple bathe in a normal tub, these great additions to your home really can make a difference to the health and well being of your family too.

The whirlpool tub is well known for being relaxing but it can also aid with all sorts of muscle stresses, strains and aches, whether the product of age or lifestyle, these niggling aches and pains can often become very debilitating, sometimes even leading to respiratory ailments etcetera. Enjoying a hydro-massage within the whirlpool naturally eases these pains as the jets are designed to ease away the tension, the heated water also helps to dilate the veins and increase the blood flow through your body, and this in turn can relieve pressure on the organs including even the heart. The health benefits are great as you can imagine!

How the whirlpool works

A typical whirlpool bath includes water jets that force water out at a steady pressure, when aimed at the body, this eases tired and stressed body parts. This massage can also help to lessen the pain of inflamed joints.

Feeling soothed and relaxed can also help aid you in enjoying a good night’s sleep, for many, a soothing whirlpool bath is a great cure for insomnia. Add to these benefits that it can also help with weight loss because immersing yourself in the jets and enjoying the massage can also help lessen water retention and reduce swelling, it’s even been known to help reduce the signs of “orange peel” skin that some ladies experience (cellulite) again, mainly due to the steady massage and helping with blood circulation. The spas can help lessen the impacts of sprains and tears and by aiding in relaxation can also help prevent injury occurring.

Types of whirlpool bath

The baths themselves can come in all different shapes and sizes depending on your own personal preference. They can have straight, corner, offset and sizes that can accommodate more than one person comfortably. Many baths also come with thermostat controls so you can maintain the water temperature and keep it circulating at exactly the right heat. This is a great bonus for anyone with sensitive skin and it’s also bath time fun for the children.

Whirlpool baths are not a miracle cure but they do help with a whole host of different ailments, they really do offer physical benefits and stress relief, it’s one of the reasons they are used in medical and therapy environments but of course, always speak with your doctor or health consultant if you are looking at spa use for any specific conditions or ailments.

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