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Whirlpool Baths for a stylish bathroom

Having some cool and contemporary interior design has never been in such great demand, with the advent of many design and home-style programmes dominating the TV, more than ever, our homes are under a constant scrutiny and our bathrooms really can be given a whole new perspective with the installation of an iconic whirlpool bath.

If, like so many of us, you are visualising a refreshing soak or imagining the gentle stimulation of an all over body massage then you really would enjoy all the wonderful benefits that a whirlpool bath has to offer. Investing in whirlpool spa has never been easier or more accessible.

Whirlpool baths, so easy to get fitted

A whirlpool bath is easy to install and maintain and it offers you numerous benefits. They work by making use of a pump and water (venture) jets and together this produces and combination of both air and water within the bathtub and that creates an effect that is known as hydro-massage. This hydro-massage is easy to control and you can opt from gentle to vigorous and many settings in between depending on the model you choose.

Whirlpool better than a Jacuzzi

Whirlpool baths, unlike Jacuzzis that only use air, offer much more user control, with features such as multi-directional jets, the air and water can be adjusted not only in pressure but even in direction to target specific areas of the body. As well as these directional jets, the spas also have static jets situated throughout the tub, all aimed to help create a thorough hydro-massage and these tend to target problem areas such as the back and shoulders proving consistent gently relief.

These water jets are what create the bubbles within the whirlpool and add the little luxurious feel that we can come to associate with quality spa relaxation. Some whirlpool spas even include an in-line heater, this then allows us to maintain a steady water temperature in the spa and maintain that no matter how long we want to languish and enjoy our soak.

In our modern age of computers it will come as no surprise that whirlpool baths make the most use of the very latest technology incorporating electronic touchpad’s and fully computerised systems to help you get the most from your whirlpool spa. If, like many of our delighted customers you want to experience the wonders of whirlpool baths yourself then stop by or contact us and we can show you what the many options are that will be sure to suit your home, style and budget.

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