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Types of Whirlpool Spa

The whirlpool spa is distinguished from the pool, in addition to the maintained and wonderfully soothing warm temperature, the fundamental difference is you do not move in the water, it is the water that moves around you. It is this hydro motion that can literally “whirl” around you that generates a highly relaxed state.

You do not need to do any work, you simply immerse yourself in the water and then let the water take your weight, offset the stresses and strains of gravity and gently move and massage you.

Typically the water temperature may range from 30 to 40 ° C, the spa is designed to maintain that temperature once it is reached, again this optimum level of heat will help blood flow and cause natural muscle relaxtion.

There are usually two main different types of massage available from the underwater spa jets, one energizing and the other, more relaxing.

The water jets apply a stead stream of pressurised warm water and the nozzles are usually propelling a mixture of air and water. These jets are usually directed towards the back, waist, neck, legs and feet. You may also have orofiuces that generate thousands of air bubbles produced by an “blower” which is stimulated by a specific button press. This sensation of burst bubbles coming to the surface generates a massage experience that is more diffused and yet is still aimed to provide wellness and relaxation.

There are five major types of whirlpool spas:

Inflatable spa

There are small inflatable spas with a filtration kit – they still generate heat but these are the lower end of the spa market and offer limited massage, power and tend to be functional rather than attractive, but the price is not very high.

The Portable Spa

Designed to be moved and literally plugged in, these are cost effective and have a wide range so they can offer some good quality massage at the higher end of the price ranges.

Home installed spa

The most beautiful to the eye and often the most expensive but well worth the investment. These spas are now much more price accessible. These are installed in the home and plumbed in these are high quality and effective and the installation will actually increase the value of your home.

The spa pool

Often not far from a pool, they use more or less the same water. Therefore, it is very attractive, but the water temperature remains low. In addition, the jets are fewer and it is more of a pool / spa hybrid and is not ideal if you want a real whirlpool experience.

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