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Top 5 reasons to buy a Whirlpool bath

Having a whirlpool bath really does come with a host of benefits, there are many different reasons that a homeowner chooses to buy a whirlpool bath. Besides the fact that you get massaged as you bathe you also get many more benefits that help physically, mentally and emotionally.

Below is the top five list of why you should invest in a whirlpool bath for your home.

  1. Relaxation – a whirlpool bath relaxes us and it relaxes our muscles, our muscles are always tight at the end of the day through use, even if the day has not been particularly stressful. You know, that tight sensation that you are aware of in your shoulders, neck or back. Well slip into your whirlpool tub and in a few moments you can feel that tension start to ebb away, it allows you to instantly feel more relaxed and enjoy the rest of your evening.
  2. Stress reliever – we all experience stress to some degree in an average day, whether that is work, family or just silly things like losing a parking space, it can cause us to clench and tighten our muscles and this creates stress throughout our entire body. It is something that happens and is a part of living in the 21st century but we do not have to be a victim to it. The gentle, bubbling effect of a whirlpool bath can help ease the stress out of your body, gently pressure, massage and the lulling warmth is enough to make you feel more relaxed as you ease into your tub. With the different settings you can choose the pressure of the jets that match your comfort levels, adding bubbles to the mix if you wish can also be a great stress reliever too.
  3. Massage – after a long day what can beat relaxing in a warm bath? How about relaxing in a warm bath with an accompanying aquatic massage? The whirlpool jets create natural water turbulence and this eases, soothes and massages your body. It’s particularly effective on the back, neck and shoulders. Add the warm water to relax you further and you can see that this is a match made in massage heaven for you to enjoy.
  4. Quality time – many of us find time alone immersed in water a real quality and quite time, many of us take this time to recharge our batteries or spend some time thinking in an also most meditative state. A whirlpool bath offers this sanctuary and you can extend that time as the water heat is kept steady at a constant rate so you can enjoy the quality time you crave for longer than before!
  5. Investment rather than expense – the two parts so our homes that add the most resale value are the kitchen and the bathroom. By adding a whirlpool bath your bathroom you are adding what many people consider to be a highly desirable luxury item. This usually will have a positive impact on the perceived value of your home and increase the potential property sale price for you. Buying a whirlpool spa is an investment not an expense PLUS you get to enjoy it too!

Have a look through our range of whirlpool baths that you can have professionally installed in your own home. Enjoy all the above benefits and more right now.

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