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Pamper yourself in a whirlpool spa

What’s better to relax after a long working day in your very own spa? More and more people concerned about their health and rest choose to install whirlpool baths in their homes, not only incorporating the rich functionality of these amazing baths but also they are now so versatile that they adapt in size and design to the requirements of any bathroom.

Far from being an expensive product that is exclusive to the wealthy, nowadays almost everyone can have a whirlpool tub at home. In the market we can find several options all designed to suit a diverse range of tastes and budgets. Your home spa can be whirlpool bathtubs, shower enclosures, spas, hydro saunas or mini-pools, all depending on the size and preferences that we have and our needs.

The health benefits are scientifically proven for whirlpool spas and they have been in use since ancient times. Immersing yourself in a whirlpool will stimulate circulation, removes toxins, relieve rheumatic pains, relaxes tight muscles, hydrates the skin and fights cellulite, plus, of course, allow true releases and ease the stresses of daily life.

Whirlpool baths – Types of functions

Thanks to the types of whirlpool baths you can benefit from different types of massage, below are three typical examples.

Lymphatic: by alternating water jets with adjustable speed you can start the cycle from the lower to the higher jet to promote blood circulation to the heart. The user can select the number of jets in pairs of two and, therefore target the areas of the body where you want to receive the massage. This is often the best option to boost circulation.
Constant: it is a gentle or more pressurised massage that is received in the selected area of the body as the water is sent in a jet at a constant rate. Generally, water jets, striking a particular area in this way tend to alleviate stress, pain, muscle spasms or fatigue.

Pulse: This mode is present in some whirlpool bathtubs. The massage involves spraying water with a very rapid series of pulses that activate and invigorate the selected zone. The pulsating whirlpool can then reactivate the area of the body where it is applied. This is very soothing and calming.

How to use your whirlpool bath

Water massage is one of the best ways to prevent diseases and solve the problems of fatigue and stress. When you bathe the best way is to use filling nozzle above the bath with a temperature between 33 º C and 38 º C. In these baths should not exceed 30 minutes of use, with the most suitable between 15 and 20 minutes so you then don’t overheat?

The therapeutic effect is achieved through a combination of air and water at different temperatures and is enhanced by the use of salts, essences, and even oils and intensifies ozone enriched water providing bactericidal, anti-infective and analgesic benefits.

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