Micro Silk
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Micro Silk

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Micro Silk
Micro Silk

MicroSilk® – Hydrotherapy, Re-imagined

Water is a fundamental force of the universe. As humans we are mostly made up of water. Early civilizations were founded on
proximity and access to water. Our planet is mostly water. Water is power. Water is beauty. Water is life. At least, that’s what we
believe here at Balboa. As a result we are dedicated to innovation and changing the ways you interact with water while at the same
time bringing exciting new technological innovations and approaches to hydrotherapy. Look younger. Feel better. Increase your
happiness, all with MicroSilk® Hydrotherapy for spas by Balboa Water Group

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Micro Silk
Micro Silk

The Micro Silk System can be installed in any of our whirlpool baths or standard baths

Just select which product that you require then  add the Micro Silk System which we will install


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