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Hydrotherapy – a great reason to get a whirlpool bath

Hotels and spa’s in the luxury market often advertise the benefits of their spas and one of the big draws are the many benefits of associated with the calm and relaxation of a natural “hydro-massage”.

A hydro massage is simply and massage that is natural and is done using nothing but water.

Usually when the client is immersed hence a tub or spa is the best way to experience this type of therapy. Spas and hotels and holidays that offer these facilities are usually 5 stars – for that, read expensive! Yet still we flock to experience the benefits for ourselves.

  • Spas and health resorts do not only provide a sense of comfort but have health benefits.
  • Hydrotherapy is a technique which uses only water as a beneficial agent.
  • A whirlpool bath or spa is one of the best forms of experiencing the benefits of Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy Massage

A popular form of hydrotherapy massage is sometimes called the “Underwater Shower” Although its name is misleading; it is a pressure jet that is projected towards the person in a tub. The therapist directs a jet of water throughout the body immersed in the bath and made an intense yet relaxing massage.

Benefits: Improves blood flow and tone the muscles.

Pressure Jet (Shower Jet): the distance between therapist and client is 4-5 meters. The first directs a jet of water into the body of the second in whole or in part. Depending on the problem to be treated is act in a specific area and making a deep massage in the direction of the return circulation. Benefits: is indicated for circulatory problems, stress and muscle contractions. This technique is not suitable for all people, so you must first consulting your physician / therapist.

Whirlpool: bathtub massage brings a body immersed in water at a temperature of between 38 ° C and 40 ° C by a pressure jet system. The nozzles through which water projects are built into the walls of the bath and can be targeted to areas of the body you want. At present it has extended the use of essential oils in these baths, which can be used depending on the effect we want to promote. For example, if you use almond essential oil improves skin hydration.
Benefits: relaxation, wellness, back pain relief and muscle.

Hydrotherapy in your whirlpool bath

The top two forms of hydrotherapy usually require a therapists involvement and the fact that another person needs to be there can actually impact the levels of relaxation you feel, the third option, the whirlpool bath, that requires soothing other than the whirlpool bath being in place and your desire to enjoy some relaxation while the underwater jets work their magic.

Although at a spa have all the elements needed to make our experience with water as enjoyable and beneficial as possible, we can also enjoy the benefits of water massage on our own. Now whirlpool spas are wonderfully effective and more cost effective than they have ever been before and now we can all enjoy the benefits of a 5 star spa in our own home. With sizes and shapes that can be suitable for almost all bathrooms, you will be amazed at the fantastic range of whirlpool tubs and spas that you can now own! Remember, hydro massage is simple, safe and natural and is helps with a wide range of health and wellness issues and is suitable for people of all ages.

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