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Health benefits of a whirlpool bath – easing arthritis pain

Arthritis can be a debilitating disease. It’s painful and vastly restricts joint movement.   Watching someone you love suffer or through being struck down with arthritis yourself is really depressing, the physical limitations can also bother us psychological. The good news is that there are ways to relieve the pain and one of the health benefits of a whirlpool spa is to help do just that.

The hot water has been shown to aid relaxation and allow the joints to move more freely in the water and this in turn makes arthritis less painful. Using your spa is a great way to get rid of at least some discomfort. In the spa you can run through some gentle mobility exercises that outside of the water will help stop the joints locking into place.

Now, before you jump into (literally and figuratively) make sure you check with your doctor. If he says OK, then you can actually start an exercise program early in your spa. The exercise is less painful in the water and you get the benefits of hot water and support for the muscles and joints all the at the same time.

Remember to enjoy the whirlpool experience and to take time to relax a few minutes before you start, and when you start, start slowly. This will prevent any shock to the system and muscle force, a problem normally associated with direct application of heat throughout exercise. A steady, rhythmical pace is best and pays attention to your body, don’t overdo it. Stop immediately if you feel dizzy. And when you have completed the exercise, be sure to stay in the spa for a short period before leaving to regain your balance and relax as any exercise will stretch and work your muscles and they need to relax before going out in the fresh air.

It is often reported that is seems almost miraculous how much less painful it will be for those who have arthritis to enjoy light exercise and the gently massaging benefits of a whirlpool spa yet is is based on science. Part of the pain of arthritis is caused simply by gravity, and when we are immersed in water, the water helps alleviate any pressure as it holds us weightlessly. In addition, your blood vessels dilate in warm water and the result is that you get more oxygen and blood flow to the muscles.

If you are considering a spa to help you with dealing with arthritis, be sure to get exercise guidelines your doctor and follow them exactly as written. You will be amazed at the health benefits of a spa if you do.

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