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Choosing your Whirlpool Spa

Installing a whirlpool spa at home is one of the luxuries that more and more people can now afford. Unlike traditional baths, the spa goes beyond just being a simple personal hygiene tool and provides massage to the body immersed in water at steady warmth of 38 ° C to 40 ° C and the water is applied as a form of massage directed by a system pressure jets.

The nozzles of these jets are built into the walls of the whirlpool and can target the areas of the body that benefit from the massaging pressure. Relaxation is the result!

To have a spa at home is a great idea and we strongly advise that you speak with us as we are experts and we can help you with your planning, installation and choosing the ideal whirlpool spa for your home. Knowing the plan of your bathroom, we can guide you with some of the very best choices of whirlpools and whirlpool accessories so that you can choose which best suits your taste and your home. Our whirlpool spas are designed for all types of customers and spaces. Just have a look at some of our range and you will be amazed at the choice on offer.

The whirlpool bath and spa is recommended by many experts to combat one of the biggest ailments of modern society – stress. Doctors recommend whirlpool spas for their therapeutic effects and as well as being a natural cure, using your whirlpool spa is also a preventive recommendation.

If you have ever stepped into a whirlpool spa then you already know the huge relaxation and associated benefits you feel but the spa can also combat issues such as anxiety and insomnia as well as benefit our body. Whirlpool baths exert a very positive effect on blood circulation. The pressure activates blood circulation and this also benefits the heart activity. It also allows the relaxation of muscles and eliminates toxins via open the pores. Whirlpool baths also help to relieve stomach ulcers and are often used in medical settings as an aid for recovery of fractures and muscle injuries.

Ladies, it is even thought that regular massage in water via the jets of a whirlpool spa can also minimise the annoying orange peel skin that is found with cellulite as the spa has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. Your skin will be more elastic and a spa can also help with its regeneration and the healing of ulcers and wounds.

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