2.0 Kw Electrical Inline Heater
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2.0 Kw Electrical Inline Heater

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 Electrical Heater

2.0 kW Vacuum Switch Heaters

Nominal voltage: 240, 50/60Hz
Nominal output: 2.0kW


Operating temperature: Higher than 0°C.
Overheating thermostat: Cutting-out at approx. 50°C.
Automatic reset after disconnection of power for 15 – 30 min.
Temperature control: Preset to 40°C, Automatic, not adjustable.


2.0 kW: 33 cm (incl. tailpiece)
Max. height, built-in thermostat: 13,0 cm.
Max. height, adjustable thermostat: 13,7 cm.

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Weight12 kg
Dimensions32 × 22 × 22 cm